Soo about 3 weeks ago I was put into Belmont pines hospital. I really enjoyed it there even though I wasn’t supposed to… It was like I felt better when I was there, I felt good about myself and I didn’t feel alone anymore. But now that I’m out all I can think about is SI and I hate it… I just wish I could disappear to a place where I feel good and can laugh and play where I can be with people who understand me… I wish I could go back to the hospital or better yet go back to before I ever started SI!!! I want to stop feeling like I have to hurt myself but I am just soo addicted it. It has been 3 weeks, 3 weeks and I haven’t hurt myself. I keep thinking about every minute of everyday and sometimes it makes me hurt inside not to do it but I have last 3 weeks, 3 miserable week!!