Hey guys, there were so many new posts I wanted to comment on that I just got a little overwhelmed.  Then, I realized that I kinda wanted to say the same thing to everybody . . .It seems to me (this includes myself) that many of us are feeling REALLY lousy, lonely, unloved, and generally unnoticed by those around us who SHOULD have a real interest in making us feel loved.  It always seems worse for me around holidays, anniversary dates, birthdays . . .you get the picture.  What I think makes the holiday time worse is that we see all these other “normal” people acting happy.  I wonder how many of them are only ACTING happy?  Then, our friends and family are so involved in “festivities” that they actually forget about the stuff that is important–like being KIND, ATTENTIVE, LOVING.  It also is a time that makes us obsess about old boyfriends/girlfriends, relatives that are no longer with us, etc.  Does any of this sound familiar??  I guess my point is none of us are really alone, at least we have each other . . .and we probably are not all that different from one another. I, for one, just want to survive the rest of December!!!