hey guys. i know it’s been a little while since my last post, but things have been getting a little crazy around here.  my parents have been a little edgy about nothing latley, they found out that i have an account on this site (i don’t think they were too siked about that), and my friends have been pulling me down into their junk (which, for the record, i have decided to keep out of).

Anyway, my parents found out that i injured almost 9 months ago, and they’ve been pretty good about laying off of me for a little while, you know giving me some slack on things like grades and “bad attitude.” Well, now they’ve backtracked and are back to being angry and yelling and being-over-stressed. i mean, im mostly indepentant of them and what the do, but years of habit have caused a little bit of an uproar on this comback to the old ways i thought were over, so DO NOT go and tell me “your parents are not your emotions, they can’t control that.” well, im a human, okay? im weak!!

Ive also been in therapy for about 8 months now, and lately my voice hasn’t been heard. the girls in my group (oh yeah, it’s a group therapy thing) are a little high strung and hyper because we got a bunch on new girls 3 weeks ago and we (more like they) are really exited about new girl cuz we have seniority now. we’ve been “initiating” them into the group for the past few weeks and just letting them test the water a little, if u get what i mean. but these last few weeks have been a lot for me outside of therapy. they asked me “so whats going on in your life?” and i said, “too much”.  Ive just been completely alone for a little too long, with no one to talk to about anything because things are just working out for me in a way that people are always unavailable when i need them, and my life is just bad enough at the moment that i actually want to talk about things.

now i know i sound like a teenage brat, cuz i probably am one, but im asking anyone out there if you can give me advice on anything that ive written here? im not asking for your numbers or email adresses, just something that can give me something to hope for, something happy to think about maybe, or just anything, cuz im kind of left to hang here by all the people who actually know my name. please help me.