So i dont know what to do. I’ve been doing ok on controlling my urges for SI but i gave in. I know its not the end of the world but it bothers me. I want to be able to handle situations on my own and not have to resort to SI. My therapist says im doing better and that i only need to see her now once a week. Before it was 2x week. I hate it. I feel i need to see her more often because i have alot to talk to her about and we havent even gotten through the DBT stuff. She is worried I will get attached to her. That may be but the VA is paying for twice a week. Whatever i guess. I am in the last week of school before the christmas break. We have finals this week. That is a little stressful. I am going to my friends house for christmas because my family is crazy and always cause drama. so hope to get some peace with my friends family. anyways, just looking for some support. hope everyone is doing well