It’s interesting that I moved from a climate so opposite from what I what used to and back again. This is, in fact, so typical for me. No middle ground. It’s either really hot or really cold where I live. The glass is either really full or really empty, everyone around me is really loud and I’m really quiet, I’m either really fat or really thin, really happy or really sad, really fast or really slow. How did I not get diagnosed with bipolar until now?

Take today. After a month or being down about not getting the job I wanted and debating going back to school full time (with money from the money tree, I guess?), I started applying to jobs last week. I got called for an interview for this week! I was so excited and felt sooooo very self confident until…..

I found out from my husband in the warm climate (I’m in the cold) that he never signed us up for dental insurance. I have a toothache and no dental insurance but when he had a toothache he had my dental insurance. Just another reason to swing from the heights to the depths.

Now to take my Jung personality test for the job interview….this should be good….wish me luck! Be safe everybody!