Heres my story,

im 15, i had the best boyfriend, he was my best friend i loved him so much i still do… but i screwed up our relationship because i got sucked into drama with his ex who wanted him back.   we got in alot of fights towards the end and i started to SI again ( I first SId 3 months earlier because he wanted to just be friends after giving me hope) when we finally broke up he went to the girl who caused us to break up.  it tore me appart inside and out, he said it was my fault we broke up because i didnt stop the drama going on.  i feel like SI is the only thing to make me feel better, i feel so stupid for SIing i feel like ive let my family my friends and myself down…  In these past weeks ive had only one relapse and i havnt SI in 1 week its a start and i know its going to be a rough road to recovery, to those out there seeking help i suggest joining some sort of sport, for me its soccer.  when i get out with my team they make me feel whole and they help heal me, without them i wouldnt have found it in me to stop,  i hope my story can reach out to some people and just remember, help is always there and SI is not the only option even if it feels like the only way out