Hi im lauren and im new to this.. pretty much what im looking for is some help and ive been looking for too long. there is a part of me that still wants to SI but  a part of me that doesnt the only problem is the part of me that doesnt has taken full control over my life. my parents found out i SI about 3 months ago and now they always check me weekly and if there are new injuries they ground me. its just so unfair because they dont understand anything about me or why i do it or how embarassing it is. if i could stop injuring i would but its too addicting and its all i know how to do. and what makees me even more upset is when i have to turn down a fun party or school dance or a simple hang out after school with friends because im grounded and it puts me in such an awkward position when they ask why? i hate lying to my friends but i cant tell them they will judge and not understand. im just looking for someone to awknoledge what im going through and help me. im just so lost ive noticed. at shool im jsut generally sad for no reason and i dont like this part of me i want it to change 🙁