I have no clue what to do or think anymore. I’m worthless,hopeless,stupid,hideous,and just just ugh I don’t know.Huh I’m not sure if I can make it any longer. I’m not worth anyones time I’m worthless. My life is nothing ugh! I don’t even know what I’m saying,but I injured last night not really sure why though. Tomorrow I am so post to talk to my guidance counselor at school. I don’t want anything to slip out about me hurting myself or me being so depressed.  She’ll call my mom or worse D.C.F.! I HATE them they have made my life miserable,but then again everything is all my fault of why they came so scratch it it’s ALL my fault. I don’t deserve anything from anyone no kindness from anyone NOTHING! I don’t diserve to be alive!!!!!!!