My sister is going to be moving out of the house in a couple of weeks and i’m feeling anxious,but sad at the same time.Anxious so I can have my own room again and do whatever I want with it,but sad because well I don’t know really she keeps me going like smiling and stuff.I can already feel the urges coming then again i’ve had urges for a while now.I don’t even know I knew I wasn’t better and stuff,but now I don’t want to get better at all I don’t wanna stop even though I know it’s a better life cause I spent about almost 3 months without it and felt great.But when i gave in it was like I was on cloud nine then shame rushed in.then I want to injure. huh you guys must think i’m stick or something or should be locked up in a hospital.I don’t know what I am going to do without my sister I know I drive her nuts most of the time,but now that i’m older we don’t fight as much and we get along a lot better.I am going to miss her so much and I wanna cry,but I am scared to show it,but I never cried when my other older sister moved out and moved back in many times.i know my sister  will be happier not being here in this mad house,and I want her to be happy,but I don’t think I can handle it. I can feel myself slipping into my depression again well I kinda am already cause my parents might have gotten a divorce cause they don’t sleep in the same bed anymore.My mom doesn’t ware her ring she claims their too big,but their not cause I used to always play with them. Ugh the urges are just coming stronger and stronger as I write so I am going to shut my mouth now.Bye be back on Friday only aloud on Friday-Sunday or school holidays.