Back at home after about 8 years away and seeing my original therapist has been an interesting and, well cool situation. I think we may just suprise each other at how much each other has grown, he, professionally and I, personally. Last night in maybe the 4th session since I’ve returned, he asked me how my scars looked.
The question didn’t startle or offend me. While working with him years ago, I injured myself. He even knows that since our work together, I still injured myself.  Comfortable exposing my scars, especially after spending a summer in the heat of the south, I showed him. His reaction suprised me. To him, my scars looked faded and smoothed over. He said that if he saw me on the street, he wouldn’t even notice.
I am hyper-aware of my scars. Yet, last night I looked at them with my old therapist in a new way. The scars, like my  emotional issues, did in fact seemed faded and smoothed over. The new scar, the scar of my failing and loveless marriage, will heal in time as well.
For all of you struggling, let this be a message of hope. Your scars can fade and heal. You can heal emotionally as well. I believe we are all good enough just the way we are. And I believe we are all worthy of love, the kind of love that starts from within first. If I can get there, so can you.