One of my really good friends had a break down today. She was telling me all of these things about how she used to have an eating disorder and how she hates her body and how she’s so uncomfortable with herself. It really hurt me because I I know how she feels, but she’s beautiful and I hate that she doesn’t know it. She is constantly telling herself that she isn’t good enough. Then she told me she SIed and I knew I could relate. I relapsed on monday, after almost three and a half months of not doing it. I felt terrible. She’s going through so much pain and there wasn’t anything i could do. I care for her so much. And i don’t know if she’s going to hurt herself again. even though I feel hypocritical, I really need her to get better. She seems like such a strong person, but in reality she has weak points. I tried to tell her that she isn’t alone and that what she goes through is actually common and that she shouldn’t feel this way. I really feel terrible.

My mom isn’t allowing me to see my dad again. She decided that paying child support is more important that me seeing him at all. I’ve seen him once in the past two weeks. I know i really don’t have much of a connection to my dad, but I still love him with all of my heart. I have my fair share of problems with parents and appearance and siblings, but my friend doesn’t her life is seemingly perfect. But the biggest thing about her is that her depression isn’t about what has happened to her, for her it’s all about her appearance and how she perceives herself, which is completely opposite from what everyone else says. She’s truly wonderful and depression is just in her. It’s nothing she can change, but these are the people I feel the most for, the people without a reason. They are the hardest on themselves because they feel like they are the problem. It’s not your fault sweetie, It can happen to anyone. I just want her to know that I’m here and that I’m not leaving anytime soon. I trying to stay strong for her. Even if it’s the hardest thing to do in my situation.