Here is my story. I was and still am bullied, it started when I was six. I was never the skinny, pretty, or popular girl in school; I was considered weird. I had and still have parents that aren’t supportive or caring. Finally at age nine I snapped and started self injuring, and soon that manifested into larger problems. I spent most nights crying myself to sleep longing to find peace within myself. I wanted it more than anything. By the age of twelve my school called my parents and told them that I needed help, I was soon attending therapy with a man I could not stand. I stopped going a year later. I started visiting a psychologist who seemed to be the only one who understood. My S.I soon turned into an addiction, and nothing seemed to be able to stop me. This summer I was finally put into the hospital for six days, and it somewhat helped. It’s been two days since I self injured. I am turning sixteen on the 5th. I have been now self injuring for seven years. I only wish I could stop.