uhh…here is my story i guess:

i am 14 years old. i am a self injurer. i started over a year ago.my parents go divorced when i was 9. my sister moved out of my moms 2 years later because my mom is an alcoholic and my sister was sick of it. after that my mom got worse and so did our relationship. we fought every day. she screamed and cried constantly and when she wasnt freaking out i was just anxiously waiting for it to happen again. i tried to move out but it turned out that according to my parents custody agreement i couldnt live full time with my dad. after a custody battle the court ruled 50/50 custody between my parents. i was forced to move back into my moms and September 7th 2009 i started self injuring. i have tried to stop but i always end up relapsing. recently my parents found out and they keep telling me i need to stop or else- i will have to move, then be hospitalized then checked into a mental institution. in my opinion those things would just make everything worse. i couldnt survive. it has been 10 days since i last injured myself and with every minute it gets harder. harder to breathe, harder to resist. i have a lot of friends but only a few of them are truly friends.

there is one person i can talk to that honestly understands.