Wow I haven’t been on here in a very long time.There were times where I thought about this place though,but didn’t dare to come to it for some reason.My S.I. is chilled a little bit the big problem is my eating problem.Update about my counseling that I was getting I needed to go for 6 months I barely made it to 3,and told my mom I don’t wanna go anymore I hate it.I also have a new guidance counselor Mrs.Williams she’s amazing I love her and she lived in my neighborhood 11 years ago a house across from mine she told me.She really keeps me going and she wishes that there was a way that I could be more open with her about my S.I.,but she said because of the school her hands are tied.If she finds out that I’ve hurt myself or I even tell her the other methods I do she will have to call some one.She’s asked me if I’ve done anything and I flat out lied to her cause I don’t need my mom getting upset again. I will say my S.I. did get better for a short while over the summer,but not because of counseling.Now it’s worse.I’m not proud of it and I’ve become sneakier my eating problem doesn’t help either.My eating problem is like the main thing right now though,but I haven’t injured in a couple of weeks.So I guess that’s good even though I’m not even sure I wanna stop injuring anymore.EVERYONE STAY SAFE AND TAKE CARE.