I’m just plainly sick of it. all of it. From my bro ALWAYS getting what he wants cause he’s the golden child. to being scolded by my friend. To my mom telling me what I’m going through is just a phase. To being in a fight the with one of my friends. I’m tired of trying. Sick of fake smiling. I only want what I’m wanting. But life refuses to leave. It’s horrible. So little is truly good. I mean I have three great friends. So what if two of them are guys? I really don’t care. Girls are just to catty for me. My mom hates that all my close friend’s are guys. Except Jasah she’s the only girl I’m truly friends with. Or at least close friends with. She’s my twin in all things basically. and it will always be that way. on the slim good side the guy, Trenton, that I really like asked me to hang out. We can’t now though cause his dad’s all mad at him. But that’s okay we still talked for like an hour and he mad me feel better and talked me out of SI’ing that night. He actually gives a flip and i really feel like him Kris and Jasah are the only ones that do. I mean my mom makes fun of me for it. My bro and me never talk about it. My dad doesn’t care about any of us. My grandma doesn’t know about it and neither does my uncle. So they’re the only ones who really care. I’m scared because every thing is getting worse. I’m lost and confused but don’t worry I’ve gotten used to it