It’s been quite a while since I’ve been on here, which is a good thing. That being said…I’m back. Things have been crazy since I last posted on here. I’m too exhausted to detail everything on here right now…but to make a long story short, there’s been a lot of stress in my life right now. My roommate has a mental illness and has been struggling a lot with self-injury. Her struggling though, involves basically rubbing it in my face, and trying to make me deal with it (like when she harmed herself in front of the police, and then the doctor in the ER said that unless I agreed to sign the safety contract for her, they weren’t going to let her come home).  I am hopefully going to be moving in January, but that’s another huge stress for me right now. I am having some major issues with my landlord. Basically, we are having trouble paying rent (because another crazy roommate dipped out on us), and so we are trying to move and go our separate ways, but the landlord isn’t returning our calls about getting the paperwork signed to move out. I finally had to contact a lawyer on Thursday because it got so bad.

Add to all of this the fact that I am having surgery December 2nd and the fact that I just got a subpoena to testify against my ex-boyfriend (I have to see him at two upcoming court appearances), AND the fact that it’s almost time for finals…yeah. I’m just so stressed out that self-injury is starting to seem like a better idea. I don’t want to harm but it is so tempting…I don’t know what to do. Anyway, I’m tired (which is good considering I’ve been sick for almost a month now and the antibiotics have been making me nauseous) so I’m going to bed.