My mom is your typical suburb mom. Always cooking, spotless house, seemingly perfect children, loved by everyone, and I could go on on and on some more. The problem is I’m “not the daughter she expected” ’cause I’m a screwed up 12-year-old bad girl fighter darkness Bipolar poetic theater liking  SI’er type. Instead of the sweet and caring pink is perfect ballerina world is amazing peace and love type like the girls she always tries to get me to hang out with. Every one loves her, they’ve never heard her yell “If you don’t like it here you can go live on the streets!” at them. My bro is the perfect studious honorable profession type not the rant about every thing, get into fights, and thinking of SI’ing type. I doubt she’s happy she ever had me, more like regret. All she does is talk about how lazy i am and how I eat too much. Saying all i do is read and write. What’s wrong with that? I’ll be and author someday. What’s not interesting or “honorable” about that? Why is being in the government better than that? And who has the right to judge that? no one, NO ONE! What i do is what i do i am a writer a fighter a read a dreamer. I live for adventure and excitement and don’t get along with girls. What’s so bad about that?! Honestly what?