wow, what do i say? I’m going through so much. my parents, school, drama with friends, a harsh break up… EVERYTHING is tumbling down. I started injuring about three years ago (scary i know… such a long time and my parents didn’t even know) i guess the cause was just, being so young and not fitting in with the kids my age, i was always, just, more mature. also my parents were fighting intensely and i felt alone, like no one cared, of course, i still feel that way. this year i got hit with the stress of intense school work, it just doesn’t work for me. the teachers are always on top of me and i have to balance school with hanging out. i was failing and my mom was getting cranky, i was excited i finally found myself, i knew who i was, and i made so many friends. One of the friends i was warned about by my “bro” (my guy best friend) he said that this kid i wanted to hang out with was crazy. i thought the kid was fine… of course i was wrong. he gave me a tool and i thought it was kinda cool even tho i didn’t know it was illegal, I’m assuming he wanted to get rid of it. of course… the dean found it and i got suspended. FOR FIVE DAYS, ARE YOU KIDDING? i miss my friends and its the third day on my suspension. while the dean was searching me she saw my injuries… she made me, and immediately called the police.  at this point i was thinking “no, not now! not during whats going on with my parents fighting, you’re ruining my life!” but i couldn’t stop her, she had already called my father at work. i went to a scary hospital where they did absolutely nothing. now my parents seem to be… i don’t know, “butting” out of my life. they just… don’t want me around. yet, they check on me and question me when i have sharp objects all the time. they took my phone and i cant see my friends for a month. Friday is a trial and if they say i cant go back, they mean i cant go back to school EVER. I’m so frustrated! my own mother is stereotyping me and calling me “EMO” and my dad seems like hes taking my side but then i hear him telling my mother that I’m a crazy kid. on top of all of this the love of my life, the only person who made me smile, who made everything seem okay, and whenever he touched me it was like a miracle… i could go on and on, he left me because …well i don’t even know. but i cant help thinking about him, everything is such a struggle, someone give me some advise… just a little help?