Okay so me and my ex are really close i mean he’s like my best friend even though he dumped me for the chik he dumped for me. hes still aweomse. today we were talking and he told me he still loved me and said at anyday he was gonna break down and kiss me. so in turn i told him i almost did on sunday. he then said he wouldn’t have stopped me. he has a girlfriend and he also says he hates cheaters but baisiclly said he wanted to cheat on her with me so i got mad and yelled at him that we wouldnt say i love you we wouldnt kiss and we would NOT going to cheat on cat. there’s also this other boy and i love him too. he’s singel and he likes me i’m 12 the first guy is 15 and the second is 16, all three  of us have done and seen horrors. Am i wrong because i’m in love with two guys and one of them has a girlfriend and theirs such an age diffrence? please help me!!!