I have been SAFE for 648 days!!! However, I find myself struggling with keeping a smile on my face (an authentic smile). The one that people are missing when they say “You’re so pretty, but you’d be whole lot prettier if you smiled once in a while.” Yesterday I got some very unwelcome news…. hoping that Friday I get some positive news to hold on to. If it wasn’t for my best friend and her mama I don’t know what I would do. I’m struggling to get what I need to say out…. what I’ve found through no longer injuring is that words are my friend and words have the power to set me free. No matter what as long as I don’t hurt myself then everything will be alright. If I do self-injure it’s not the end of the world just an opportunity for me to start again. Writing this I hope I can shift my negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Then there is the pressure of a paper that I have due in a couple days and a book I have to read so I can write the reflection paper. Procrastination is the enemy at times like this. Tomorrow I have counseling and then I have group on Saturday (((if I decide to go that is))).