I dont understand…why are you doing this to yourself? why have you let things slip this far away? we were best friends before you moved out and now i barely get to see you…when i do see you all you do is complain about how terrible things are but then you say youd rather be living like that then be back home with us. how..why would you ever ever want to live like that??? ive slipped up and made multiple mistakes but im trying to pick myself back up, its hard to do that though when i have to watch you slip farther and farther away from that person you once used to be..theres picture of me and you up on the wall and were so happy but now..now neither of us are. im scared for you, theres not much more you can mess up in life, youve hit the bottom and im afraid you wont come back..i miss the old you, im trying to be strong for you and for everyone else but i dont want to be strong anymore. pleaseeeee pleaseee go back to being yourself because i miss my best friend, i miss my sister, please just come back!