ok so im on here because i am trying to help someone else. There is a girl that i until very recently dated. and just so i can drop out all the back story I Love Her. about a month ago she broke up with me for mysterious reasons and it was not until recently i found out it is because she injures herself and somehow that made her break up with me. she claims that is not my fault so im going to pray that is true. so i am trying to hold all my “romantic” feeling for her back and just help her though this. shes got family problems and injuring is how she deals with stress. But i know how harmful it is and it has to stop. The bad part is her best friend does it too, and i feel like her friend doing it makes it seem less of a big deal to her. I just need to know how to help, what to do? it seems like everything i try fails, and sometimes i feel like shes not telling me everything. Witch i suppose could have to do with the recent break up but we had a few long talks and she says she will talk to me honestly. at the same time she says shes not really comfortable talking about her feelings to anyone. I watch her walk around with a fake smile on her face and it really hurts me. what can i do to help? and then to make matter worse its starting to rub off on me, last week i injured myself for the first time to deal with the pain of losing her (yeah ill admit it still hurts but like i said im not going to let that interfere with me helping her) I’m not going to do it again because I want to be strong and be there for her. Im just afraid that she might be influencing others as well as me. I love this girl and im willing to do anything to help. so please, if anyone reading this and can understand; what can i do???