I am 22. I graduate with a music education degree in December. I am an opera singer. I am a teacher, a good teacher. I have tons of friends… and I SI and only a couple people know and only because they have caught me or somehow seen my scars. I injure where no one sees. I stand in front of my students and audiences, who look up to me as a talented and confident person, secure in my ability and in my self. I don’t know how much longer I can put on a face. I have to do something before I ruin my career with a breakdown. I cannot go to my family. It would destroy them! To them, I am perfection. I support myself and never ask for anything, but what I really need is for someone to see that I am fragile beneath my confidence. I need someone to hold me and breath me in to keep me breathing. I need someone to tell me it’s ok to fail, and to help me put myself back together when I do. I need someone I don’t have a fear of disappointing. I don’t think this person exists. Its not a sexual or even lonely longing, just a hope that I can feel real, I can fall into them and know they are real too. I need someone to unbreak me.