So this weekend was AMAZING I was accepted to my first college out of four and went Trick-or-Treating…and my mom said she’d stop drinking wine with every meal because she wants to lose weight. Stupid me…I believed her enough that when she was drinking on Sunday I thought “it was all a lie”. Today was really good too I was congratulated a lot for being accepted and was invited to a party for the midterm elections…and then I came home I was of course still excited about the party and the college…she was in a mood again. I tried to be nice but it overflowed she always complains about how tired she is and she lays on the couch curled up…why is that? Is it because of the wine, cigarettes, I mean she can’t be that tired every night right? We were in this huge fight and my sister never really understands because I think she’s just so naive.

Point is my day might be great at school…but they doesn’t mean a thing for when I go home.