Hi all,

As one of the moderators of this blog, I know the guidelines of it really well :-).  We don’t often allow folks to put links to other pages in posts, or to videos, etc.  It’s part of the No Trigger Guidelines.  We simply can’t go check out all the posts people want to put up, so we don’t post them often.  But….I guess being a moderator has it’s perks! 

I saw this video today.  It’s not 100% G rated, but it’s something most of you could view on TV anyhow.  And for the fantastic message it sends – I simply had to post it.  Consider it as a message from S.A.F.E. – to YOU.  We believe in each one of you.  We hope you’ll deal with the issues surrounding self injury, get some help and support and become all that you can.  Enjoy the video, if you choose to watch it:


Best wishes,  Pam