Whay am I a BAD PERSON, just because I S.I? I was tagged in a picture on FB thats said ” a very nice good person” by my friend  Kristen.C, When I told her I was S.I-ing she told me I was a bad person? Im so cunfused, just becuase Im not that happy, nad things have happened to me, that I dont deal with in such a great way, Why am I a bad person? I guess I am, I just fiunnally have some that agrees with me. YES! Now Im not the obnly one. :/ Ohk maybe its a bad thing to think that, but Idk. IM just ready to let go, and forget everything, all I ever want to do anymore is S.I and stuff like that… Even if Im not mad, or sad… Even if Im just bored…and I CANT STOP! Its impossible now. Idk what to do anymore. I NEED HELP! and I know I do, and it does take a strong person to admit they need help, but IDK.