Earllier my post was all happy,cheery,hopeful… Now Im back to the REAL me. Not the fake I had to be earlier today. I actually kinda wish I was her. She was happy! I want to be, but I dont deserve it. 🙁 I DESERVE NOTHING GOOD! Everyone always wonders why I hate myself so much, bcuzz  there is NOTHING. NOTHING!!!!! to love… NOTHING!!!! :'( I promise you… Ugly, fat,scarred up me…  NOTHING!!!! Ill never be good enuf for my parents, bcuzz Im not my sisters. WHY CANT I JUST BE *ME*? WHY??? Im sorry Im not perfect mom, and dad…. Sorry I dont reach your standars, yeah guys cuzz you were PERFECT, Mom its not like you had my when u were 17 bcuzz YOU DID remember or was that not important, prolly not… oh and dad u werent a dad to two kids b4 you were 20 ur PERFECT!!! And they werent even the same girls, ur AWESOME!!! Why am I so bad, bcuzz stuff happened to me, and I S.I, Who cares….  I sure as heck don’t… ughhh Why am I so worthless??????