Hi! I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged, but I’ve felt like I was spinning out of control for the millionth time and I felt like writing about again would mean to all my Family of S.A.F.E sick and tired of hearing it. I have to make a real hard choice by next year and I know it’s going to be a rough. Do I continue hurting myself or make a great effort of going to college. I’ve been accepted into college for next yr and have to make a lot of choice. Right now I’m choosing to do whatever it take to reach my dream in life one day at a time. I will beat this just like I beat the drugs, drinking and finally smoking, well that really not the last I’ve also lost weight due to not binge eating. I’ve been told I could do it and even though I’m sick and tired of hearing deep down inside It’d true. So hopefully with my family I met here and @ the program at SAFE.  all of you can help me get past the rough part. I’ going to say thanks to all of you for me there in the past and now. Baby Steps I know this is going to be rough and all and I don’t even know if this blog makes sense, but my dream of going to college is important to me because I want to give back all that’s been given to me as far as therapy goes. I’m going to study Social Working and then go into psychology and it’s funny that according to the college I’m going to a home-study course I took 10 yrs ago is considered college so I’ve skipped over the freshman period. So everyone I will say goodnight and say it’s been a wild ride since Monday.