from when i was 4 i have known the reality of the world:





Now being 12 and my family just finding this out life is hard. When i was 4 i was raped by my cousin. This went on until i was 6 and then we finally moved fro that wretched place. I am now a damaged untrusting S.I. Emo. 12 year old who says she doesn’t need anyone who acts as if she doesn’t want a father who says she is strong when the reality of her weakness is alarming. I refuse to cry. Ever. The End. Period. As for the comment on my father. My parents have been legally seperated for 5 years but have yet to get a devorce. i absolutly hate him he is not my father at all. He shows up on our doorstep and expects to be welcomed with open arms when every time he leaves my mom in tears I. HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!!!!!!!! He should just leave us alone it wouldn’t hurt him he doesn’t care about us. Never has never will to bad for him he’s the one missing out not us.