There is someone, someone I REALLLY WANT TO TELL! I want to tell her whats going on, but I dont know what she will say. We aren’t really that close, but I want to be. We talked last night but I didnt tell her about the S.I, I just told her I was stressed, and stuff and we talked about volleyball, and school, but thats not what I wanted to talk about. I WANTED TO TELL HER! But I dont want her to be mad, or hurt her. I know she wouldnt leave me, or think less of me, but IDK. I really love her, and want to tell her,but I just cant bring myself to admit it… I S.I.. I cant admit it out loud, its to hard… Becuase I still dont have a totall grasp on it. I ve been doing it for over a year and a half probably but Idk… Its just weird, BUT I REALLY WANT TO TELL HER! I dont know what to do, just thinking about not being strong enuf to tell her, makes me want to S.I UGHHHHHHHH