Why arent you good in school like your sister                           l                   Dont listen to them I LOVE YOU

Your not good in that sport like your sister                                l                    You deserve more than you give yourself credit for

Im so much better than you. You cant do anything right       l                    You do alot of thing right, and wrong, and you are as good as anyone, you were made perfect

I cant believe you S.I thats stupid your a FREAK!!!!                 l                    Honey, I cant believe you S.I but I still LOVE YOU THE SAME

Your fat and ugly I wouldnt eat that                                              l                    Your beautiful Never forget that…. I PROMISE!!


What do I believe which collumn I hear all of those all the time, I dont know what to believe. Im stuck toself-injure, with no one next to me, except for the people in collumn two, but Should I believe them.. I dont know what to do??? I need someone to talk to… I dont know what to do anymore, I have a councler, but she is just ughhh… She just says the WORD all the time and I hate it.. I HATE THAT WORD!!!!!!!!! But now I dont know what to do anymore… Im ready to let go… Just sit and do nothing….  I promised my BFF I wouldn’t hurt myself and she said that she would be depressed forever if I did, and I woujld hate myself for doing that to her. I LOVE HER!!! But I dont know anymore. I am sick of the critisism. I cant get better with all this in my  head…… HELP