I was always thinking like that, “Stop me if you can”. Now I want to say ” Stop me, please dont say you cant”. I’m only a freshman in highschool, and I’ve grown up WAY to fast, Ive gone thru things, no one should have to go thru. NO ONE!!! Not even the worst people in the world. Not even Hitleror Sadham Husian. NO ONE!!! I even hope for the guy who did this to me, never has to go thru that. Sometimes I believe I deserve it, or that it was my fault, but I mean how could it be? He forced ME. I didnt  do anything wrong, I came up with all these reasons to how it could be MY fault. I know I can admit now that its NOT MY FUALT! But I still can’t stop SI.ing I just CANT! I always tryed to ask myself “why would anyone ever want to do that?” Everytime I heard someone talking about people whi S.I I always thought.. ” How ridiculous is that.?” But since I started I think ” How ridiculous would it be if I stopped” I’ve tried so many times. It gets old, I just want to give up, all my hope is gone, this is all I think about

I wish I could stop but I just CANT!!! I need help, advice, anything!