before i go into this…sorry for constantly posting im just in a really bad place right now…

you know how everyone ALWAYS talks of how they hate people who are fake, the liars the ones who just act fake and not like a real person…

im in that category…

i go to school…im fake
i go to cheer…im fake
i hang out with my friends…im fake
i go to the mall…im fake
i come home…im fake

when im alone…im real

all the other times im fake. i put a false smile on my face and act like my life is 100% happy and nothing is ever wrong when inside im crying and so depressed but i know that i have to cover up so no one sees so no one has to know

i laugh along with them, when im really sad because my mom is always mad at me because im not like my sister who is perfect in every way, i agree with them when they question why people injure themselves when i honestly know why, i lied when they saw the marks. im fake…im not real…i hide all my true feelings and thoughts under a mask no one really truly knows who i am. one person did…he’s gone now…and the sadness is back and hard to control it…and now im back to the fake me…to everyone