I’ve been SIing ever since 5th grade. I’m in 8th now. Its my moods. I have an amazing family and amazing friends. I don’t why I do this though. Why I SI. Its just my mood. I feel really down and sad and I just want to sleep for a really long time. I guess it was because of my school. I’m failing and it makes me mad. I feel like I’m a failure. I’ve notice that I don’t feel pain very much probably because I SI. Last time I did was yesterday. I was feeling really sad and bleh. I mean sometimes I do what I do because my family or friends would really tick me off but I think I over exaggerate but every time I get mad I start crying and I won’t stop. I want to tell someone about it like one of my close friends so I can talk to them and they can help me but I’m scared that they could think of me as a bad person or someone who wants attention, and I don’t want to tell my parents because of the same thing. I’m scared of what they will think of me and how they would react. I don’t want them to think its their fault because its not. Its just how I feel and how I handle them. I want to stop what I’m doing but I don’t want to seek help from a therapist or have my parents know. But right now I’m just letting out on here hoping someone can hear.