I am 13 and have only injured for about 6 months. I don’t want to say anything because my mom will freak. Also I can’t trust my friends because there was a girl who used to go to my school who injured and she told her friends and they told her mom. I don’t want anyone to know cause it would ruin my life if people found out. I found it often helps to write, if im annoyed at school i write in russian so no one can read it. Scince I am really mad at my mom right now and can’t find any paper im just going to type stuff here. And warning, this is going to be long. I really want to stop, and i pretend that i don’t injure, like whenever the subject comes up with my friends i have to be all like oh its so wierd how people hurt themselves to feel better, wont that make them feel worse….. ect. But then I get home and my mom starts yelling at me and i run and injure. and i feel like such a hypocrite and that if i tell my friends the truth they can help me and not tell people. But then i remember that other girl, and i don’t say a word. I am so desprite for people not to know that i injure I hide it and if some one notices I blame my cat. It started when me and my mom got into a fight and didn’t speak for 2 days except to yell at eachother. I was so stressed, i used to never curse, so at first i would go into a nearby forest and just repeat curses and that would make me feel better, but then during the second day of the fight it stopped working from over use i think, so i didn’t know what to do until i accidentally injured and realized that that made it feel better. It’s working for now but i am really woried that, like curseing, it will wear off and i will have to do something more. I want to stop, until my mom and i get into another fight and i remember what a relief it is. I guess that is also why I won’t tell, a part of me doesn’t want them to stop me. Also im scared of their reactions. My friends are closer to the goody goody type so i think that their first reaction will be to tell my mom. Well, I feel better now. Writing does help quite a bit, but not enough. If anyone out there as any advice on what i should do just reply please, I need help on how to stop.