I have a choice to act on my urge or to fight like (insert profanity here) to stay SAFE. Some things have been going on that made me think about self-injury. The thing is…. it would not do any of the things I used to think that it would. That is all lies that come with the cycle of self-injury. Self-injury is not my friend, self-injury doesn’t help me work through my feelings and circumstances; it certainly does not give (insert profanity here) about me. I don’t want to go back where I was eighteen months ago, I don’t want to fail and let my counselor down. I don’t want self-injury to win. Cause I have worked to hard and made it to far to FAIL now. I have been writing around ‘it’ but I need to find a way right about ‘it’ so that ‘it’ doesn’t eat at me anymore. Somehow I hope I find my words even if it’s through writing in my diary, because keeping all of this inside isn’t good for me. :/