i started siing on july 24 2010. when school started i became friends with a guy in my art class and its been a little over month since school started and i told the guy, adam that i si. on october 4 he asked me out.. of course i said yes i like him alot. by the way hes a junior and im a freshmen. the thing is my religion dosent allow me to date but im secretly behind my parents back going out with him and he knows that. i should be happy that im with him but im not. i think he could do so much better than me. he could find a perfect girl who dosent have such a messed up mind. hes leaving for the marines after higschool and its very dangerous. im so scared. i havent si for like 6 days and it felt like forever cause i promised adam. but on saturday i sied and i dont know how to tell him
any advice?