This time of year is very hard for me, because the day that me and my love first met is coming up. He moved away from me and I miss him incredibly, he’s all I ever think about, I can’t concentrate. All I want is him to be back with me now. He’s coming back when he’s 18 for me, which is only two year, but it seems like two decades. I want to injure so bad because of this pain I feel. I always tell myself it will make things better, but it just makes them worse, which makes me want to injure more. People ask me all the time about my scars, and I always have to come up with some lame excuse, and I’m tired of it. I just want to stop the self pain, but he was the only reason I didn’t do it, and now he’s left me. I know that’s selfish to say, because it’s not his fault he had to leave…but it’s just how I feel. What I wouldn’t give to see his face…:[ Can anyone give me some good advice for what I should do in this situation?