I feel like there’s someone pressing down on my chest, not letting me breathe. Yet, there’s absolutely no one in the room. My friends have lost all skills to see through the lies between my teeth. Although, I haven’t injured in over two weeks, with barely any help. Yes, I’ve had some help in disguise. But never any comfort or acknowledgement that I’m doing the right thing by being strong and not falling back. I’ve had some major doubts lately and have been constantly searching for my one reason, one motivation to not s.i.. I’m the type of person who needs constant support, only my true best friend knows, and yet, he told/yelled at me that I won’t have someone always there to be there for me. That totally crushes me, because he’s normally the one who was ALWAYS there for me when I needed someone to take me back to my happy place. I hate admitting that I’m weak and I constantly fail and disappoint people. My own teacher thinks I’m a disappoint me, more like a promiscuous girl because of the way I dressed. All I’ve ever done was kissed a few people, not even more than 4 people! Yet she calls me such a harsh name. Does she expect me to not react? My feelings were crushed and I was too afraid to tell anyone because I’m afraid that they would agree with her. I need help, I need a hug, I need someone to talk to, I need someone to tell me that they’re proud of me, and that I’m doing the right thing by staying clean.