I’ve been injuring for 3 years. My friends have known the whole time. All of them. They were doing it too. I always sat around helping them instead of helping myself. It’s easier that way, right? Dealing with other people’s issues is always easier. I was always taught to never show emotion. I can’t cry. My step father and mom never allowed that. Now, three years after I started, I’m realizing that every time I’ve reached out to my friends for help, they aren’t there. They say they “can’t handle it”. Neither can I… But I do it cause I care. I haven’t stopped SI. I wish I could sometimes, but its all I have to fall back on. I need it. I need to SI, or I need a friend. But no ones there. My therapist is never available, and my parents have given up on me…. I don’t know what to do anymore….