Today, someone, whom I don’t know, emailed me, it coulda been last night, but either works. She wrote to me and told me one of her alternatives, ohmigoodness, I love it. Her alternative is whenever you feel the want to s.i. draw a butterfly where ever you usually s.i. so when you want to hurt, you’ll see the butterfly. No one wants to hurt the butterfly, right? And if you still have an urge to self injure, draw a caterpillar then a butterfly, it takes longer, but that’s the point. It’s distracting your mind off of hurting and channeling it into something creative and positive.
It’s a beautiful symbol of hope and beauty. I was taught this method in eighth grade and quickly forgot it later on. Now that she reminded me of this, I currently have two butterflies, and they make me smile dearly. I hope this works well for me, also along with my two other alternative methods, but so far this is one of my favorites.(: