Dear S.A.F.E. readers:

I, on several occasions, have posted or replied to some comments and posts left by other users, leaving my email behind in case you/they wanted to talk. I just wanted to say that by talking to you, if you are one of the ones I spoke with, I hope you have had some form of relief of encouragment and some hope instilled in you. I also wanted to say thank you; every time one of you emailed me you kept me here, and you kept the pain away (if only for a short time). If only to respond to your emails and help you along and help you with your own struggle. Every time I receive an email from someone on this site looking for help, encouragement, or just someone to talk with who wont judge, you have helped me in more ways than I can express. Thank you.

Hope is real .Help is real. Recovery is possible. I think we’re all looking for recovery.

For everyone out there thinking of the alternative… Please don’t. Seek somene to talk to. Stay here with us, we’re all supporting one another here. Things DO get better, and recovery DOES happen. It may not happen as soon as we want it to, but it does come along. We can all help one another through love and support, and we can all learn from one another. Each one of us is here because we have a story to share.

Hold strong, and support one another.