ok so I have been seeing this therapist for about 9 months now. we are doing DBT. well she turned away an emergecy phone call of mine a couple times and i got really upset. I decided to go and find another therapist. I started to get to know this other therapist while seeing my other one. this new one is very caring and she has taken some of my phone calls. i told her i was seeing another therapist and she said that is fine. we are just getting to know each other. she said it was fine and that i just needed to tell my other therapist. the other therapist got upset and said i cant do that. so i went to the newer therapist and told her what the other said. she reassured me that it was ok and she would work it out. well i decided to switch classes and it interfered with my old therapists appts. so they tell me she is booked for the rest of the year and im on the cx list. i went to the new therapist for an appt and bam she just hits me with a sledge hammer. she says they just had a meeting with her and her supervisor and some other people about me. she said that she cannot see me anymore because i am seeing this other therapist. she reasurred me she is not abandoning me and that i’ll see her in a few months. i was devestated. she changed her number so i cant call her anymore after she told me i can still call if its an emergency. i called my old therapist and she basically told me it was my fault in the first place and she cant do anything about it. i dont know what to do. i am tempted to just cx my appts with this old therapist and try to go back to the new one. but i dont know if she will see me anymore. I hate this. i get so attatched to people and then they just leave. this whole thing made me SI. I need DBT but the therapist isnt really supporting and she is so busy all the time. the other one makes time for me. i dont know what to do. i feel so hurt, alone, abandoned, sad and depressed. i feel like i have no one. any suggestions. should i stay with the current therapist or cx and go to the other one?