Hello boys and girls. It’s been a ling time off this site and seeing new members makes me happy knowing people are seeking help, like I once did. It’s been 7 months 1 week and 1 day without injuring.  I never thought I would do it!
Now I have my iPod which is all I need for help.  Those reading, I was a injurer for 3 years, was very depressed and I was an attempted rape victim-which I didn’t SI for. I remember my past blogs on here when I was so lost. I truly believed that there was no place for me on this earth…but there is.
I have a bright future and a wonderful boyfriend-5 months 1 week and 2 days-might as well be detailed about it.
I gained friends and happiness. You see me actually smile now and not wear a mask. And my stereotype isn’t injurer anymore.
This blog isn’t to brag but to show what happened after I stopped SI. People on here still email me asking my progress and I’m proud to tell people!
If you’re someone seeking help comment please:D
I’m going to go now but…
Dear reader,
I’m here for you. My story is only to show what I accomplished and you can too.