Hi.  I’m Tiffany.

I suffer from self-injury and depression.

It’s stupid, and something bad could happen.  I know, i’ve heard it all.

I’ve been injuring myself sense I was in the 7th grade…

I’ve stop at different periods of times, with different support systems.

My first support system: Chris S.

I started talking to him when my friend introduced me to him.  He liked me.

I was dating someone else, Chris K, who I really felt a connection with and I thought it would last forever, so I told him that. Without hurting him.

Chris S helped me stop for a period of time.  He told me about TWLOHA and The butterfly project via facebook.

A couple days later, Chris S started dating my bestfriend Aly.  I was cool with it at first.

Then, my boyfriend broke up with me.  So, I went to talk to Chris.  He gave me advice. I took it.

Then, that week me, Chris S, Aly, Alisa, Natalie, and my cousin Brenden went to the mall.

I got REALLY jealous when Chris S and Aly started kissing.  It shouldn’t bother me.

It’s just, I thought me and Chris K would last forever ya know? /:

Weeks go on and I was stuck in the same old depression I had in 7th grade.

My mom finnaly figured out that I started injuring myself when me and Chris S were talking about The Butterfly Project.

Chris had told me to keep drawing butterflies…  To try and stop.  I named my butterflies Chris and Aly…

Time comes, Chris K starts talking to me again and wants to be friends.  I can’t be friends with him!  I like him to much.

But, I don’t think i’d EVER date him again, beings that he hurt me before.

But I like him a lot. /:

And other times, I just feel mixed emotions.

Like, I try to help my friend Dakota with his self-injury problems…

He stoped.  He decided to give away his tools to one of our close friends.  So he would stop.

I was thinking about giving my tools to either Chris S or Chris K.

Because Chris K’s my other support system, but he HATES ’emo and scene’ kids.

Help me? /: