last year i started doing this. and i couldn’t handle keeping covered anymore. so now only 3 of my friends know but my parents don’t. they have no idea. it all started when one day in my class we were playing a game and it was 3 girls including me and 2 guys and the 2 guys kissed the other girls but when it can to me they just walked away as if to say that i am ugly no one will love me (stupid i know) and that night i went home and injured for the first time.that and along with my parents fighting. my dad is a verbal abuser but i will always love him. once my friends saw the marks i had to tell them what happened and i promised them i would never do it again but i broke that promise. now almost a year later my parents are fighting again and i thought i could hold up but my mom was just saying ” you’ll be better without me” i cannot live without my mom. so i tried to be her rock and in a way became her mom. all the pressure of keeping her secrets puts so much pressure on me. so i started again, and i did this cause i thought they were fighting and going to leave, that’s when my dad said if you leave ill end it, and i was okay with leaving, and know that i know that, i feel terrible. and now i am trying to stop. but i feel so bad we are trying to live like normal people and forget about it but every time they fight i see him go in the room all i can think about is that. and it kills me inside. i just want support some one who knows what i am talking about. the feeling when i injure makes it all better and i just want to be done with it.  i am too afraid and i have been called a wimpy injurer before which made me feel even worse from people i though i could trust. now i just feel alone cause none of my friends know that i started again, and i don’t want to tell them that i broke the promise. please i just need some help getting through this.