I started SI a week ago, and yesterday I decided to tell my best friend. She was really cool about it and wasn’t freaked. Then I thought I should try to find help. Because I know what I’m doing is bad, but I can’t stop. So I went to ask the school counselor about it. I talked about it and we decided to put a post-it note in my book (I love reading) so that every time I look in it, I would see the positive things about my self. I told her not to tell my mom, but she didn’t listen. She told me that she has to tell her. I couldn’t do anything about that. My mom is on a business trip right now and will be back soon.  I’ve tried the post-it note thing and it doesn’t work. And now I want to SI when I think about how much pain I’m already causing our family. This isn’t working. I want to stop, but I also want to keep going. I don’t know if I did the right thing about tell the counselor. I want to fix this by my self. I need ideas to help stop.