I fell back into SI last Friday, my last event was last night. I told my closest friend about this and he freaked. Not a shocker. I was clean from SI for ten weeks. Ten! He set me back into reality, making me face the fact that he can’t always be there for me and that it’s my turn to be there for me because I won’t always have someone there to help me. It is hard  to hear that, but it’s the truth and I’ve been struggling with injuring for over four years. I don’t blame him for setting me in my place. After I had that conversation with him, I had this idea. A prevention booklet. I wrote myself ten questions that I have to answer thoroughly if I’m craving. After answering those questions, I have twenty alternatives of injuring. I need to choose one and write why I decided to use this alternative and if it helped at all. I’d have the supplies with me, such as bracelet making supplies, a sketchbook, my iPod, and whatnot. So if I ever do crave, I have the alternatives fingertips away. Does that sound like a good idea? Another one that I have that I’ve been using for the past two month is every week I make a new bracelet for being clean, if I relapse, I take all the bracelets off. Does that sound good too? I need opinions.