I haven’t been feeling weel (health problems) but anyhow this week it just seems like I’m taking what what everyone says a lot harder than I usually do (usually I don’t care I blow it off and go on with my life) but this week it’s constant, even if I do laugh or enjoy myself in one period there is always something that throws me off again. Yes I know it could be me not feeling good and that’s what I’m kind of chalking it up to but still should I be preparing myself for constant pain?

Then tonight (wasn’t feeling good) my parents were annoying me and I snapped and I told my dad off  (which I never do to anyone) and my mom had been drinking (and it always changes her mood) and that’s part of the reason why I didn’t want to be around my parents, well mainly my mom but my dad either didn’t realize or didn’t feel like fighting with her about it I don’t know because usually he doesn’t like to be around her when she’s like that.