hi everyone. i havent been on here in a few months, but i’m really struggling. i’m 23, a senior in college (i figure most of you are much younger than me) but i am trying and have been trying soooo hard to resist SI. technically i guess you could say i already slipped up because by stopping injuring i’ve resorted to other bad behaviors that are just as, if not more so, dangerous for my health. but i’m really struggling at the moment to not resort back to my old habits of injuring. its all i can do at this very moment just to not go find where i keep things i SI with. i mean practically everything in my being is screaming to just give up and SI. i’m a senior at a university and i have hard classes, but i guess it doesn’t matter if they’re hard classes or not since i have NO motivation at all to do anything, let alone my classwork. i’m so scared. i’m to the point of tears right now. i feel like i’m panicking inside and i can’t breathe, like there’s this huge weight on my chest and the only way to lift it is to SI. i’m just so scared but my hands feel so tied in all this.